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TWD:S Survivors 1 Year Anniversary

TWD: Survivors 1 Year

All you have to do is login each day for 7 days to get rewards

Day Reward
1 2 x Junkyard Keys
2 2000 Rubies
3 600 x 1 Min Research Speed-Ups
4 600 x 1 Min Training Speed-Ups
5 10 x Long Range Transmission
6 600 x 1 Min Construction Speed-Ups

3000 Rubies
2 Chests

600 x 1 Minute Universal Speed-Ups

TWD: Survivors 1 Year Bingo

This was broken and released too early. Compensation was given out (30 Tickets) as an apology.

How to Play

Event Rules
  1. Each Bingo event contains a number of Periods, Each Period has a number of Stages. Each Stage has a number of Draws.
  2. You get a reward at once for each Bingo.
  3. 3. You can also win Grand Prizes and Lucky Prizes, which will be sent at the end of the event by in game letter.
  4. To participate, start with a fresh Bingo card. You can use this until the end of the event.
  5. Each Draw will deliver several numbers. If a drawn number is on your Bingo card, it will be marked yellow.
  6. You can get a Bingo for each horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line. Click the Bingo button to get the reward.
Locking and Unlocking
  1. If you want to take a yellow square to the next card, you can LOCK it. [Any yellow squares that are not locked will be refreshed to normal numbers you start a new card.]
  2. You can unlock and re-lock a yellow square at any time.

Tap the Refresh button to start a new card. All squares except any locked yellow squares and the middle square will be refreshed.

  1. You can get a Bingo horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  2. Tap the Bingo button to claim your prize immediately.
  3. Each time you got a Bingo, you also increase your chance to win a Lucky Prize at the end of the event.
  4. You can even get multiple Bingos in one time. In that case you also get multiple rewards

You can view the rewards by tapping the Rewards button on the main interface.

Bingo Rewards

You get this reward immediately when you got a Bingo. The reward is randomly drawn from the reward pool of the draw.

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize is given at the end of the event. It is divided based on all Bingos of all players in the Period. The more Bingos you had, the higher your share.

Lucky Prizes

All players who have had a Bingo have a chance to win a Lucky Prize. The more Bingos you had, the higher your chance to win.


Prize Distribution

The 10,000,000 Rubies prize is divided over all players who got one or more Bingos. The more bingos you got, the more prizes you get.

Lucky Prizes
  1. Players with one or more bingo in a period have a chance to win Lucky Prize. The more bingos you have the higher the chance.
  2. Winners get 10k Rubies.

The chances on each period change, but consist of the following rewards

  • Salvage Token(s)
  • Long Range Transmission(s)
  • 1 Hour Research Speedup Item(s)

At the start of every period, you get the following items

  • Bingo Card(s)
  • 1 min Construction Speed Ups x 25
  • 1 min Research Speed Ups x 25
  • 1 min Training Speed Ups x 25