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Explosive Situations

General information

Explosive Situations is a 3 day event followed by 1 day of ranking display, where you still can claim rewards from the 3 active days. To get access to the event a players needs to reach townhall level 14. 

Preparation and Gameplay

Every time a player joins the event interface, he has to place the cannon at the bottom of the screen. Initial placement will give a cannon on Lv 1; all following placements keep the level used last time.

image.png  image.png

The cannon can be upgraded up to Level 5, while each level uses up more ammo and raises the attack power, hit range and maximum number of hits on targets.

Level 1 =   1 Ammo
Level 2 =   2 Ammo
Level 3 =   3 Ammo
Level 4 =   5 Ammo
Level 5 = 10 Ammo

Cannon damage logic: according to the level the cannon causes a certain damage and maximum number of hits. The enemy quality within the impact range will be based on the level of the cannon - so by hitting a group of walkers only a part of them might bekilled, other only damaged.

Each group of walkers has its own survival time, during which they walk in the screen, move around and disappear by walking out again.
During screen time they can be hit with the cannnon. If a cannon ball doesn't hit any target, it will fly off the screen and won't be restored.


1. Free ammo: 70 free ammo will be restored on the ammo symbol next to the cannon every 3h. The free ammo accumulates up to 4 times. After 12h there will be a maximum of 280 ammo which doesn't restore anymore. Once claimed, the restore process starts again. The ammo claimed can be safed in stock until the end of the event, it doesn't vanish over time.


2. Ammo shop: Allowes the player to buy a maximum of 5x 50 ammo for 1k rubies each pack, as well as several packs for money. Bought ammo is added to the stock and safed until the end of the event if not used as well.


Walker task book and rewards

There are certain types of walkers moving around on the event map. In task book a player can check how many walkers of a type he already defeated and how many are needed to reach the next reward level.
Each reward level gives a box of certain rewards, such as Metal Scrap Tokens, EXP, Speedups, Skill Medals etc.


A reward reminder shows up after reaching a new reward level, which can be hidden in the task book.


There are 3 types of special walkers, that will not only give rewards in the task book but drop golden boxes on the map after being defested. Those boxes need to be collected before the event ends for additional rewards; otherwise they vanish. (In case they drop in an area where they can't be collected, closing the event page for 5sec and restarting will make them change position)

Additional Hints

Cannons on level 5 cause the most damage, but cost 10 ammo per hit. It might be wise to use a lower level and risk more attempts to finish a walker, which can still cost less than using level 5.

Some usefull hints you can find in here: Explosive Situations Event Guide [EN]