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Perseverance Pays Off

General information

Perseverance Pays Off is a 7 day event that opened as a beta test in Season 4 and 6 in july 2023 and is implemented for all servers now (Servers in Season 1 start depending on the age of their server).

To obtain event points (stars) the player needs to complete certain tasks, see list below. The stars accumulate and unlock up to 10 different reward levels. Level rewards must be claimed in the given order.



Tasks are devided into up to 16 types with 5 levels each, based on player's season. After completing and claiming the tasks of a lower level the task will automatically be refreshed to the next level. When all levels of a task are claimed, it will vanish from the list.

Tasks shown in the list depend on the townhall level of a player. For example if you didn't unlock the Garage yet, you won't be able to see the corresponding tasks.

Tasks (5 tasks each, different amounts, depending on the season)
Stars to gain
Donate to your Clan 5x 10
Gather Resources 5x 10
Increase Building Power  5x 10
Increase Technology Power  5x 10
Increase Fighter Power 5x 10
Defeat a PvE Enemy on your own 5x 10
Defeat a PvE Rally Enemy  5x 10
Complete World Exploration Event  5x 10
Perform a Short-Range Transmission  5x 10
Perform a Long-Range Transmission 5x 10
Use 13,5m Survivor EXP  5x 10
Perform an Animal Exchange  5x 10
Grab in Junkyard  5x 10
Use Weapon EXP 5x 10
Perform Basic Assemblage 5x 10
Perform Expert Assemblage 5x 10


Levels and Rewards

Each of the 10 levels needs 50 stars to fill up, so stars accumulate up to 500. Players don't need to fill all 5 levels in each of the 13 categories to finish the last level, since the maximum amount of stars to collect is 650.

BETA version (not active anymore):

7 of the reward levels can be claimed for free. For level 4 and 7 the player has to pay 100 rubies. Level 9 can only be bought with money (0,99 USD / 1,19 EUR etc.)





1 50 200x 1k Tomatoes 200x 1k Water 150x 1k Lumber 100x 1k Meat   free
2 100 50x 1min Construction Speed up 50x 1min Research Speed up 50x 1min Training Speed up 50x 1min Heal Speed up   free
3 150 240x 1k Tomatoes 240x 1k Water 180x 1k Lumber 120x 1k Meat   free
4 200 60x 1min Construction Speed up 60x 1min Research Speed up 60x 1min Training Speed up 60x 1min Heal Speed up Elite Relocation 100 Rubies
5 250 280x 1k Tomatoes 280x 1k Water 210x 1k Lumber 140x 1k Meat March Recall free
6 300 1x Shovel 1x Windbreaker 1x Fisherman's Hat 1x Scarf   free
7 350 70x 1min Construction Speed up 70x 1min Research Speed up 70x 1min Training Speed up 70x 1min Heal Speed up 50% March Speed Up 100 Rubies
8 400 1x Shovel 1x Windbreaker 1x Fisherman's Hat 1x Scarf   free
9 450 8x Long Range Transmission 8x Short Range Transmission 8x Legendary Combat Skill Medal 8x Legendary Development Skill Medal   1,19 €
10 500 20x Erlenmayer Flask 2x 100k Bullets 200x 1min Speed Up     free

Current event (> 09/2023)
Level Stars Rewards Costs
1 50 1.600x Adhesive Tape 60x Recruit's Helmet Fragment 60x Recruit's Body Protection Fragment 60x Recruit's Leg Protection Fragment 60x Recruit's Weapon Fragment 60x Recruit's Accessories Fragment 60x Recruit's Boots Fragment
2 100 2x Shovel 2x Windbreaker 2x Fisherman's Hat 2x Scarf

3 150 70x DIY Brush 700x Wood Plank 300x War Carts Equipment: Cart 300x War Carts Equipment: Wheels 300x War Carts Equipment: Draft Animals

4 200 2x Expert Pliers 4x Basic Pliers 350x Weapon Cleaning Set 1.600x Weapon EXP

50 Rubies
5 250 60.000x Recruits EXP 300x Adhesive Tape 10x Recruit's Helmet Fragment 10x Recruit's Body Protection Fragment 10x Recruit's Leg Protection Fragment 10x Recruit's Weapon Fragment 10x Recruit's Accessories Fragment 10x Recruit's Boots Fragment free
6 300 150x Cooper 300x Iron 200x Steel

7 350 2.000x Adhesive Tape 100x Recruit's Helmet Fragment 100x Recruit's Body Protection Fragment 100x Recruit's Leg Protection Fragment 100x Recruit's Weapon Fragment 100x Recruit's Accessories Fragment 100x Recruit's Boots Fragment
100 Rubies
8 400 3x Shovel 3x Windbreaker 3x Fisherman's Hat 3x Scarf

9 450 100x DIY Brush 1.000x Wood Plank 400x War Carts Equipment: Cart 400x War Carts Equipment: Wheels 400x War Carts Equipment: Draft Animals

200 Rubies
10 500 3x Expert Pliers 6x Basic Pliers 500x Weapon Cleaning Set 2.400x Weapon EXP

11 550 20x Vehicle Token 200x Cooper 400x Iron 300x Steel

1,19 €
12 600 90.000x Recruits EXP 900x Adhesive Tape 30x Recruit's Helmet Fragment 30x Recruit's Body Protection Fragment 30x Recruit's Leg Protection Fragment 30x Recruit's Weapon Fragment 30x Recruit's Accessories Fragment 30x Recruit's Boots Fragment free
12+ 650+ 50x 1min Speedup