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When Do Things Unlock in Game?

This is a list of everything that becomes available as time and seasons progress throughout the game.

No Item Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7
1 How to Fight Clan vs Clan Coalition (SvS) Coalition (SvS) Coalition (SvS) War Pact & Coalition (SvS) War Pact & Coalition (SvS) War Pact & Coalition (SvS)
2 Animal System
Unlock at TH 17

15 Skill
3 Technology
S2 Tech Statue Tech

Universal Fighter Statue
21 New Technologies
4 Vehicle Carriage, RV, Bus, Police Truck
Vintage Truck, War Chariot Stinger, Battle Truck

Burn Truck

Max level 60

Rogue Truck
5 Survival Challenge Unlock at TH 10
Fourth Chest: Pamela Fragment

Fourth Chest: Pamela / Ruthless Negan Fragment Fourth Chest: Pamela / Ruthless Negan / Call to Arms Dwight Fragment
6 Survivors at War
Unlocks at TH14, Top 50 Players in Final Rank of SAW Get Exclusive 90 Day Frame

New Map:
8 Chemical Storage
New Map:
Desert + Chemical Storage in Center

7 Town Hall Skin Brokery

Alexandria Church Twin Oaks Crematorium
8 Knife Challenge Reward Survivor Fragment

Survivor Fragment Voucher

9 Recruit System Unlock at TH 13

10 Charisma System Unlock at TH 8

11 Radio S1 Radio S2 Radio
S4 Radio (7 stars survivors)

12 Tactical Camp
Tactical Camp 1, Unlock at TH 18
Tactical Camp 2, Unlock at TH 21 Tactical Camp 3, Unlock at TH 24

13 Duels Unlock at TH12, 3 Formations in Duels
Unlock 4th Formation in Duels
Apex Duels Unlock

Unlock 5th Formation in Duels
14 Equipment

Legend Combat Equipment Upgrade
Legend Development Equipment

15 Last One Standing Unlock at TH16