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Exploration Event - Quiz Answers

When you explore the map, you can answer a question that's multiple choice to get some rewards. They are random, but here are all the answers that are currently available in game.

Answers Cheat Sheet

Mystery Quiz Answer
A stronger player is attacking you, What is the safest response? Put up a Shield
About the registration process for the Restricted Zone, which is NOT true? All members of your clan can sign up
After Sophia's last parent died, she was adopted by Glenn and... Maggie
Allen was married to... Donna
Before the outbreak, Andrea was... A clerk at lawfirm
Before the outbreak, Gabriel was... A priest
Clan Technology can increase the max amount of Clan Outposts up to... 70
Eugene lied to Abraham and Rosita saying he was a Scientist
For Lines We Cross, what level do you need to have in order to play as an attacker? Lv.16
From which can you NOT get Elite points? From buying a Weekly Card
How did Gabriel manage to stay alive before Rick met him? He hid in his church
How did Rick reach Atlanta? On horseback
How does your Clan earn Clash Points in Lines We Cross? By occupying a Community, Savior's Outpost or The Sanctuary until the occupation bar reaches 50%
How long does Eugene & The Abandoned's State of Alert last? 2h
How many "Green" Equipment pieces do you need to forge 1 Epic Equiment? 25
How many groups of The Whisperers does one difficulty level have? 20
How many inmates lived in the Prison before Rick's arrival? 4
How many Prosperity Points does your Clan get for owning The Sanctuary? 10,000
How much Stamina does it cost a Formation to go to construct a Clan Building? 0
If you tap an abandoned car in your Town, you get... Rubies
In order to build a 3rd Clan Base, your Clan needs to have... 20,000 Clan Prosperity
In the comic, who is NOT good at melee combat? Pamela
Increasing your Clan's Prosperity is a requirement for... All of the above
Negan is the leader of... The Saviors
The Lone Trader each time stays for... 2 hours
To train T7 Cavalry, your Stable must be... Lv.19
Training Fighters never costs... Lumber
What benefit do you enjoy when attacking a Clan Building? 75% of Losses is converted to Wounded
What building do you need for Equipment? The Forge
What caused Abraham's death? He was shot with a crossbow
What device did Eugene use to communicate with someone in the Commonwealth? Radio
What is true about Survivors who perform best in the Rear Crew? All of the above
What's a function of the Guard Tower? Protect idle fighters when under attack
What's Ezekiel global effect when he's 5 Stars? All fighters Attack +20%
What's the Fighters' max tier level? T10
When winning Settlement Siege, you can get up to... 3 stars
Where did Rick live before the outbreak? Kentucky
Where was Lori's daughter born? Prison
Which is impossible during Lines We Cross? Attacking other players' towns
Which is NOT true for Limited Decorative Buildings? Once built, you can't move them
Which powerful weapon did The Saviors use against Alexandria? Grenades
Which Survivor has the highest Power? Ezekiel
Which Survivor is best in the Front Row? Beta
Who are in the chemistry group Elite Warriors? Michonne, Jesus, Ezekiel
Who are in the chemistry group Prison Recon? Militia Rick, Glenn, Michonne
Who are in the chemistry group The Whisperers? Beta, Alpha, Lydia
Who claimed to have undisclosed information about the start of the outbreak? Eugene
Who did not become a Walker? Carl
Who is a Legendary Construcrion Survivor? Samantha
Who is NOT a member of The Saviors? Rick
Who lead the Whisperers? Alpha
Who survived in the comic until the end Eugene
Who was the first leader of Alexandria? Alexandra
You get Survivor Fragments but your Survivor is already 5 Stars. What can yu do? Exchange them for Survivor Tokens
How many Fragments does it take to get a 5-Star Survivor? 1050
Which hand did Rick lose? His right hand
What do you need to unlock Vehicles? Garage
Which Survivor (fully ipgraded) can carry the most Fighters in the Crew? Ezekiel
How can you improve the combat performance of a Survivor in Settlement Siege? All of the above are correct
Which can NOT increase the protected amount of resources? Farm
Who was not killed by Rick? Alpha
Who are in the chemistry group Love Triangle? Rosita, Abraham, Holly
What's the name of Negan's weapon? Lucille
For the Restricted Zone, which is correct? All of the abive
In Lines We Cross, you get a Zeke Monument when you have won... 6 matches in one series
What's Tyreese's weapon of choice? Hammer
In Lines We Cross, for low level players, what's the best strategy? Attack low level communities
RIck is NOT a member of... The Whisperers
At what prosperity value does the Clan Store unlock Negan Fragments? 9000
What can you reset to Lv.1? Any Vehicle
In Lines We Cross, how many matches are in one series? 8
How many Exploration Queues can you have at most? 3
Which is correct? All of the above
Who is NOT a doctor? Eugene
Who is NOT in the Hometown Heroes? Zeke
About Negan's (Wandering) Forces, which is NOT true? After defeating them, no Scavenge Site will appear in that spot