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Cross-Region Relocation

Information on Relocations has changed since 5.1.3

What is it?

Cross-Region relocations are at the end of a season. This is where you can decide if you want to move to a different region and call that place your home. For example, being in region 100, and deciding to move to region 115. 

Relocating can happen once every 30 days, so consider it a one-way trip

Where can you move?

Relocation and which format it is in varies season to season and until a letter is sent in game there is no definitive answer.

However, mostly recently where relocation has become available at the end of season all regions completing the same season (not just your individual season group) have been available as options to relocate.

What are the Requirements?

There are several requirements you must meet to be eligible for region relocation:

  • The Season has ended
  • You have enough Cross-Region Relocation Items
  • All your fighters are idle.
  • Your Town and fighters are not in any kind of battle.
  • You're not in a Clan.
  • You have not relocated to another region within 30 days
  • You accept that your points of all current events are cleared when you relocate to the other Region.
  • You accept that you lose all your current Scavenge Sites when you reloate to the Region
  • You are not in the Seasonal Region map.

Combat Power

This new value represents a player's TRUE Combat Power, not to be confused with the current Power value in the game, which is a calculation of OVERALL Power (which includes development stuff)

The true Combat Power value is calculated for players in S2 and higher and is based on only combat-related power. The value is the all-time highest Combat Power of the player. Combat Power is updated throughout the Season, until the moment the final rankings are settled.

You can view your Combat Power on your Profile Page.

Combat Power Includes the Following;

  • Combat Survivors
  • Combat Equipment
  • Technology for Combat
  • Vehicles (Only Combat Related Stats)
  • All Combat Animals (Even if not in use)
  • Recruits
  • Combat Buildings
  • Town Hall Skins

Note: Combat power excludes troops, so it doesn't matter how many you have they do not apply. This helps with players who are overcapacity and have far too many troops idle. 

To add, combat power is only taking into consideration anything that improves your combat abilities. For example, vehicles combat power will be less than a vehicles overall power as certain stats do not apply to combat specifically.

Limits to Moving, Equal Matchups

This new update, they want Regions that encounter each other in the same Season to be of similar strength. In order to reach such a balance, they are putting a limit on the number of very strong players per Region. This goes as follows: the system takes a certain Combat Power range and allows only so many players in that Combat Power Range to be in the same Region. Basically, you cannot go to a region that is too strong already. 

You can move to Regions in which the limit for players with your bracket of Combat Power has not yet been reached.

You cannot move to Regions in which the limit for players with your bracket of Combat Power has been reached.

Regions who currently have too many players within a certain bracket of Combat Power will be allowed to keep them: No players will be expelled from their Regions. These Regions just cannot receive more players in brackets that are full up. The concrete Combat Power values are different depending on Season and other factors. What Regions are available for you for Cross-Region Relocation, and how many spots are available, will be displayed in the game.

Note: Combat Power is frozen once the final rankings have settled. Combat power does not include your troops and as a result cannot be lowered. Even if you manage to lower your combat power, it will already be frozen in place and will not alter as a result. Don't attempt to waste your time.

How to Relocate

d8ca9a7d-c7c0-46e0-927b-089c6328e395.jpgCross-Regional Relocation takes place when the Season has ended. There will be 3 rounds in which you can change Region. You can only do this once. Each round has a Registration phase (24 hours) and a Relocation phase (24 hours).

Registration Phase

You will see in your game to which Regions you can relocate, and how many spots are available in each of them (for your bracket of Combat Power value).

If you see a Region to which you would like to relocate, you can register and apply for a spot in that Region. Registration and application are for free. You can view who else has applied for a spot in the same Region. You can cancel your application or transfer your application to another Region freely until the end of the Registration Phase.

If more people apply than the number of available free spots, players are admitted in order of their Combat Power, the strongest first.

Relocation Phase

Players who are eligible for the relocation of their choice can now do so. This costs Relocation tokens, the amount depends on your Combat Power value. If you are eligible for relocation but miss the 24 hour opportunity to relocate to the new Region, you won't get another chance within 30 days. You'll miss the remaining rounds of the Relocation event at the end of the current Season.

If you are not eligible, for example: you applied, but the spots for your Combat Value bracket have all been filled, you can register again in a next round.

When do the 3 Relocation Rounds take place?

It will happen at the end of the Season before the next season starts. There will be an In-Game Dev letter explaining the rules and the dates of each round. So make sure you check daily for information and updates.


It used to be based on the rank you will have in the region you are moving to. However, this has changed now to a fixed rate based on your Combat Power.

It does cost to move. The more powerful you are, it will cost more. If you are a really strong player with a lot of Combat Power, the number of tokens you need is higher.

Each token costs $1. The minimum pack is 5 tokens for $5. Maximum cost will be $600 if you are one of the strongest players.

List of power and relocation tokens needed after S3/S3+ (Data taken july 2023)

Combat Power Cross-Region Relocation Tokens
140,000,000 + 500
110,000,000 - 140,000,000 200
80,000,000 - 110,000,000 100
45,000,000 - 80,000,000 20
0 - 45,000,000 5

List of power and relocation tokens needed after S4 (Data taken september 2023)

Combat Power Cross-Region Relocation Tokens
200,000,000 + 500
150,000,000 - 200,000,000 200
110,000,000 - 150,000,000 100
70,000,000 - 110,000,000 20
0 - 70,000,000 5

List of power and relocation tokens needed after S5 (Data taken august 2023)

Combat Power Cross-Region Relocation Tokens
290,000,000 + 500
230,000,000 - 290,000,000 200
11´60,000,000 - 230,000,000 100
90,000,000 - 160,000,000 20
0 - 90,000,000 5

List of power and relocation tokens needed after S6 (Data taken July 2023)

Combat Power Cross-Region Relocation Tokens
320,000,000 + 500
250,000,000 - 320,000,000 200
175,000,000 - 250,000,000 100
95,000,000 - 175,000,000 20
0 - 95,000,000 5

List of power and relocation tokens needed after S7 (Data taken around may 2023)

Combat Power Cross-Region Relocation Tokens
325,000,000 + 500
252,000,000 - 325,000,000 200
191,000,000 - 252,000,000 100
121,000,000 - 191,000,000 20
0 - 121,000,000 5