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General Clan Info


Clans play a vital role in the game; you can say that without clans you cannot do anything. The clan system unlocks when you reach level 8 and they give you a ton of benefits, opportunities to grow stronger and protection from potential enemies. A clan has a lot of sub-systems that have their own complexity, some of them are clan technology, territory, merit system, store, clan rewards, etc. The most essential functions of a clan are technology and territory, lastly each season has its own requirements when it comes to clans, but more details in a minute.


The territory is another important system, it gives the opportunity to the clan members to gather safely within their clan’s boundaries were their formations are protected, it allows you to claim survival camps and get amazing rewards, but most importantly it gives you the opportunity to acquire communities that give certain buffs such as resources per hour, stats for your troops.


For a clan to acquire a community and gain the benefits it gives it must be connected to a clan base either directly or indirectly via outposts, outside of that you also need to have a certain prosperity, you can check the prosperity requirements here for all seasons. 

When you first start a season, all communities are locked, you can't take them or fight for them, they will be unlocked slowly with the passage of time, for your clan to fight for a community a certain amount of clan prosperity is needed.

Season 1 has five communities in total, they’re ranked from community level 1 to 5, communities' level 1 through 3 are replaceable depending on your needs, some give you resources per hour, some increase the healing speed of your injured troops, some give you stats for your troops, the four most important communities are the three communities level 4 and one community level 5.

Season 2 and Season 3 has communities that are level 6 through  level 15, level 6 is equal to level 1 community in season 1 and so forth till community level 15 that is equal to community level 5 in season 1.

Clan help

The clan system is using a feature known as “help”, your clan-mates can ask you to help them to train, build their construction, research and heal their troops faster than they normally would if they didn’t ask for help. Helping a clan mate is free and it's recommended to do it, you can also gain up to 20.000 clan tokens per day using this feature to buy items from the clan store.

Clan rewards

Clan rewards is a great system when it comes to team work, by rallying NPC you receive a Clan gift that contains a minuscule amount of random resources, you can also send clan gifts for free when you make an in-game purchase, the higher the cost of the commodity the bigger the gift. Every clan gift is worth a certain amount of key points and when your clan amass a certain amount of them, you can unlock the Survivor's Treasure, it's a chest filled with various items such as rubies, long-range transmission and certain survivors fragments. The Survivor's Treasure will be upgraded every 10 gift levels, you increase the gift level with gift points