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Help Contribute to the Wiki

Hello, Wiki Leader Tinka here. Your support with content and data is invaluable to me to help have a one stop location for everything related to TWD:S. That includes guides, videos, images and datasheets about the game.

Without you, the community and its players, it would certainly not be possible alone.

How To Contribute?

There are several ways that you can assist me in providing accurate information regarding the game;

Writing Up Guides

The most detailed way is to write up guides on how to play the game. This can include

  • How to play in different events
  • How to start as a brand new player
  • Optimal strategy guides

If you do end up creating guides there is a content creator writer program to earn rewards for the guides you make! Simply head over to the TWD:S Discord to find out more!

Sharing Spreadsheets with Datasheets

Several players have already done this, but there is so much content and data that we're missing. So if you have anything complete you wish to share, please do. This can include

  • Vehicle Costs and Statistics
  • Building Resource Requirements and Times to Build
  • Research Resource Requirements and Times to Complete
  • Survivors Stats and Costs
Sharing Updates on Revisions Needed

As the game updates, content will surely become obsolete or needs revising to reflect the latest changes to the game. If you know something is wrong, needs removing or updating, just let me know of the changes that have taken place and it will get revised and updated accordingly.

Sharing your Image/Video Guides/Info

A lot of content creators create video guides and share image guides to the community. I am more than happy to have a dedicated section for all CC's of the community and will share them on this Wiki.

Contact Me!

Getting in touch with me is super easy. Just drop me a DM on Discord, my username is .tinka. and I will be more than happy to take any data or guides etc that you have.